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Comments from some of our thousands of satisfied modular home owners:
When I walked into my home it was so very nice. Thank you so much for having such a great crew to work with!

Gatten - 2010

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does modular home construction compare to site built?
  2. How do modular homes stand up to hurricanes?
  3. Are the building materials used in modular construction the same as site built?
  4. What are the advantages of modular home construction?
  5. Why is it important to do business with a licensed general contractor such as Homes by Vanderbuilt?
  6. How are modular homes financed?
  7. Can Homes by Vanderbuilt quote and build plans from other modular manufacturers or custom design a plan for you?
  8. How long will the building process take?
  9. Can I get garages and porches from Homes by Vanderbuilt?
  10. Why should I visit Homes by Vanderbuilt?

1.  How does modular home construction compare to site built construction?

Modular homes are built to the exact same North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia building codes as site built homes. At Homes by Vanderbuilt, our homes feature 2" x 6" exterior walls with R-19 insulation in the walls.  Most site built homes have 2" x 4" exterior walls and only have R-13 insulation in the walls.  We also use 2"x10" floor joists where most builders use 2"x8" joists. Modular homes generally use 20% more lumber than comparable site built homes.  The controlled factory setting protects the material from the weather, allows closer management supervision, reduces material waste and allows the introduction of modern construction technology. top

2.  How do modular homes stand up to hurricanes?

After Hurricane Andrew, the Federal Emergency Management Agency commisioned an in-depth study of how different types of housing performed.

Conclusions concerning modular homes:

"Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing developments. The module-to-module combination of the units appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that perfomed much better than conventional residential framing. This was evident in both the transverse and longitudinal." top

3.  Are the building materials used in modular construction the same those used in site built homes?

Yes! The big difference is that modular home manufacturers purchase in large quantities directly from the primary source.  Most builders purchase in very small quantities from their local building suppliers - who purchase from the primary source.  By cutting out the middlemen, modular manufactures can supply higher quality material for the same money.  Modular homes are generally better insulated, have far more kitchen cabinets and have up to 20% more lumber than site built. top

4.  What are the advantages of modular construction?

The advantages of Modular Construction are many but the three most important are price, time and control

  • Price - Modular construction can usually save you a lot of money.  The volume purchasing power, efficient use of labor and effective implementation of technology all contribute to money saved.
  • Time - The modular construction process can usually reduce your construction time by many months.  Site builders experience many delays caused by weather, shortage of materials and undependable labor.
  • Control - Modular builders purchase material in large quantities.  This allows them to control the cost and quantity of materials.  Because of this purchasing power, suppliers are very responsive to any problems.  The building process proceeds in an indoor environment; the material is protected from the elements.  Supervisors and inspectors are continually checking the home during the construction process and controlling the quality. top

5.  Why is it important to do business with a licensed general contractor?

Homes by Vanderbuilt is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.  A General Contractor must pass state sponsored exams and meet financial requirements.  The states have regulatory power over general contractors which can result in severe penalties for violations.  If you deal with an unlicensed contractor, their only requirement is a $5,000 bond. This affords very little protection to you as the consumer. top

6.  How are modular homes financed?

The same terms and rates are available for both modular and site built homes.  There are hundreds of different programs available.  top

7.  Can Homes by Vanderbuilt quote and build custom plans?

Yes!  Homes by Vanderbuilt will be happy to quote any of our competitors' floor plans.  We will be happy to help you design a custom plan just for you.  Often customers can find a plan from our hundreds of floor plans that can be modified to meet their individual requirements. top

8.  How long will the building process take?

It is important to start the process as early as possible.  The longest part of the building process is usually arranging your financing, waiting on appraisals, health permits and building permits.  This can take several months.  The actual erecting of your home only takes from 30 to 90 days depending on the amount of site-built additions. top

9.  Can I get garages and porches from Homes by Vanderbuilt?

Homes by Vanderbuilt employs a staff of carpenters to provide any site-built additions you may desire. top

10. Why should I travel to Homes by Vanderbuilt?

  • Homes by Vanderbuilt offers the largest model center of modular homes of its kind in the U.S.A.   You will be able to see more homes at one location than you could see in weeks of visiting multiple displays with only a few homes each.
  • Homes by Vanderbuilt builds a large volume of homes and you could save up to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars or even more.
  • Homes By Vanderbuilt has a wonderful reputation and has won numerous national service awards.  Over 60% of our business comes from referrals by satisfied customers.
  • Homes by Vanderbuilt has an open door policy.  Our models are open for you to browse without a high pressure salesman to monitor your every move.
  • Homes by Vanderbuilt provides you with a price book listing all prices and options for you to use as you browse.
  • Homes by Vanderbuilt is conveniently located in Sanford, NC which is near the geographic center of North Carolina. top